Vid of the Day

10 Feb

Facebook Parenting: Extreme or Justified?

After coming across an angry Facebook post by his daughter, Tommy Jordan made a response video to reprimand his daughter and teach her a lesson. He then uploaded it all over different social media sites in order that her friends who “thought her rebellious nature was cool” could see it. Then he fulfills a crazy promise he made to his daughter that if she ever did something like this again, he would put a bullet through her laptop, which he did in the video. 9 times.


9 Feb

The Happy Secret to Better Work

In our culture we believe that if we work harder then we’ll be more successful, if we’re more successful then we’ll be happier. “Our education system, parenting styles, managing styles, the way we motivate our behaviour is based on that and the problem is, it is scientifically broken and backwards for two reasons” psychologist Shaun Achor tells the audience at TED. He argues that actually happiness inspires productivity and hopes to spread that message.


8 Feb

“We have a Hulk.”

Here’s one for the comic geeks among us. After the build-up from the steady stream of Marvel superhero flicks over the past two years, we are fast approaching the climax: The Avengers. Set for a May 4 theatrical release, this is the first superhero movie boasting a crew of not one, not two, but six of Marvel’s most popular super beings. This particular trailer, which made its debut during Superbowl XLVI, is jam packed with action sequences featuring Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Black Window, Hawkeye, and the Incredible Hulk. Go ahead, click play. You will not regret it.


7 Feb

Crazy music video by Ok Go for the song Needing/Getting

Over the course of my life, I have been exposed to mind blowing videos that gets better as I age; A new one tops the previous one, and the cycle keeps going. At this point in my life I must say, I am pretty desensitized and it would take a lot of awesomeness for a video to blow my mind away. This one just did. It is a music video for a song titled “Needing/Getting” by American band Ok Go. It required over four months of preparation and four days of shooting and recording to create the video.


6 Feb

Interesting cover of Coldplay’s Paradise by The Piano Guys

The Piano Guys are an interesting bunch of talented musicians, whose vision is to create music and videos that inspire people. Using mainly classical instruments such as cellos, pianos and violins, the Piano Guys are creating inspiring original music or covers of famous songs with an interesting twist such as the one in the video.


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