True value of low-paying service jobs

By: Damien Teo

Would you work as a cook at a fast food restraurant if I told you it would be a valuable experience? How about a waiter? Or even a dishwasher?

A year ago I made a seemingly crazy decision to work as a cook at a local fast food restaurant, Best Fries Forever, and discovered that there was a lot more to gain from working in a low paying job than I expected.

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Year of the Shark?

By: Shaun Tan

When I first heard the news that two major supermarket chains in Singapore – Carrefour and NTUC FairPrice – had announced in January 2012 that they were discontinuing the sale of sharks’ fins here, I was surprised, to say the least.

I greeted the news with more skepticism than cheer, poking and prodding at the announcement as a cynic would. Yet, the movement seemed to be growing here, especially after Shangri-La announced a couple of weeks later that it had banned shark’s fins from all of its 72 hotels, most of which are located in Asia.

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How do I decide my next educational step?

By: Amelia Chen

Some of the most recurring questions in my mind whenever I think about my graduation come May is – what do I do next? Should I continue studying? Can I stop studying?

Not once could I come up with a definitive answer to myself and say: “Yeap, it’s Uni (University) for sure. Nothing else.” I wish I could, but I would always face that cyclical dilemma about ‘what really matters’ echoing in my mind.

Why is it so difficult for a tertiary student to make that decision on what our next educational step should be? Then I realized I was not 12 anymore; Neither was I 16.

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