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The rise of underground retailers

It is not cheap having a hobby of any sort, regardless of how cheap it may seem at first. For example, collecting stamps may seem like a painless activity for your wallet, but serious collectors spend hundreds of dollars on proper stamp books and preservation kits to make sure their collection lasts as long as possible.

As far as hobbies go, being a gamer is probably not one of the cheapest around. With the average video game carrying a price tag of between S$59 to S$120, gaming can really take a toll on one’s finances.

For this reason, large companies that sell video games, like Best Denki, Challenger, and Comics Connection, just to name a few, have been seeing a massive dip in sales.

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Perfect control – anytime, anywhere

Everyone prefers a control set-up unique to the individual when it comes to gaming on the PC. How many times have you had to go through the chore of getting your gear set up the way you like when at a LAN party?

Enter Razer Synapse 2.0, the one-stop solution to all that hassle.

With this ingenious application, your favoured peripheral settings will be held in cloud storage, ready to be pulled down and applied onto any PC – be it at home, in the LAN shop, or even in school.

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Power of a console in your pocket

The hype surrounding it has been frenzied for months, and it is finally here – well, the Japanese version at least. Say hello to the Playstation Vita (PS Vita), the newest handheld gaming system in the market, and the spiritual successor to Sony’s Playstation Portable (PSP).

To the untrained eye, this sleek new device looks almost identical to its predecessor, but trifle with it for a while, and it soon becomes apparent that this is a completely different machine altogether.

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