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Grassroots Organizations organize more than 400 CNY celebrations across Singapore

As the community ushers in the new dragon year, Grassroots Organizations (GROs) and have organised more than 400 community Chinese New Year events, themed around “Filial Piety”, “Caring, Sharing and Giving” and “Integration of New Citizens and Public and Private Estate Residents”.

These events would reach out to more than 100,000 residents from various ages, races and estates, bringing them together to interact, celebrate and make new friends. The celebrations take several forms, ranging from record breaking stints to lighting up the lives of the less fortunate through gestures big and small.

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Trouble brewing in cyber gaming cafés?

LAN (local area network) shops are a common sight in Singapore, and a frequent hangout for many of the nation’s youths. These stores, usually small, dimly lit and noisy, can be found anywhere from a void deck in the heartlands to even the tourist dominated streets of Orchard Road.

While LAN shops have undoubtedly seen numerous arguments break out within them, and in extreme cases a pushing incident or two, there has been nothing threatening enough to the safety of its patrons to catch the eye of the media.

However, in Sep 2011, safety at LAN shops was in fact the hot topic on everyone’s tongues after the body of a 13-year-old was found at a back alley in Geylang. The teen, a Chinese national who studied at St. Patrick’s School, had been allegedly beaten to death by two older boys after a dispute broke out between both parties at the nearby 24-hour LAN shop.

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Modernisation – but at what cost?

Mutter the words “Tiong Bahru” to anyone a year or two ago, and their minds would link the quiet little neighbourhood to things synonymous with it – the unassuming pre-wartime flats, the scrumptious offerings of the age-old Tiong Bahru market, or its ageing but close-knit community.

Speak of the neighbourhood now, however, and chances are that the reply you get will have something to do with a newly opened café.

It started a little over a year ago, and ever since, small, cosy and chic eateries, cafes and merchandise stores have been sprouting all over Tiong Bahru. With only four or five running early this year, the number has more than tripled to a grand total of 20 as of now.

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Young Singaporeans volunteering to help those in need

For Singaporean Egan Jeremiah Hwan, 22, waking up in the middle of the night to the aftershocks of Japan’s March 11 earthquake became such a regular occurrence, he would often ignore the shaking and go back to sleep.

“There were earthquakes practically every day that had magnitudes of between 6.9 and 7.1, as Ofunato is right next to the epicentre of the quakes.

“The shaking could be quite bad and things would fall off the shelves,” he added.

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Elephant invasion

They are currently the world’s largest land animals, come in many different colors and patterns, and you can buy them from any TANGS Department Store. Elephant Parade has invaded Singapore!

If you have walked around town lately, you are sure not to have missed the life-size elephant structures adorning the shopping centers and streets of Orchard Road, City Hall, Marina Bay, or even Vivocity.  These 75cm elephants have been in Singapore since 11 Nov this year, and will be here as part of Elephant Parade Singapore until 12 Jan 2012.

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Steps to harmonize local and international students taken to new levels

On the auspicious 11th of November 2011, Temasek Polytechnic played host to the Spotlight Youth Exchange Night Race, the climax and ending to Spotlight Youth Exchange, an initiative to equip young Singaporeans with leadership skills and cultural sensitivity to build cross-cultural dialogues with youths of other nationalities in Singapore.

The race was kicked off at TP’s outdoor ampitheatre and saw participants engaging in different sports and educational activies at various cultural sites in Singapore. It ended with a night concert at Scape, spotting different local talents such as celebrities Sheikh Haikel, Anna Belle Francis, percussion band Comic Strip, DJ Rattle, breakdancers, magicians, and even lion dancers.

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