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Comic Book Movies are the Rave in 2012


This year is the time for comic books to transit to the big screen, bringing out the best of old school super heroes in full-fledged cinematic goodness.

The list of movies to look forward to is a promising one for all comic book enthusiasts. Some of the films slated to release in the first half of 2012 include Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance on Feb 17, The Hunger Games on Mar 23, The Avengers (Marvel) on May 4, Men In Black III on May 25, and G.I. Joe II: Retaliation on June 29.

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The beginnings of the legend

“If something works, don’t fix it” goes the age-old saying. The legendary Watchmen series of comic books, written by the revered Alan Moore in 1986, is considered by many to be a masterpiece.

A skillfully written, genuinely intriguing plot, deep and relatable characters, and an art style that blended traditional comic panels with hidden motifs were more than enough to blows the minds of readers everywhere.

Earlier today, some 26 years after the Watchmen books made waves in the comic world, DC comics has announced that they will be releasing a set of comics that will serve as prequels to the main series. These seven comics, each focusing on one of the main characters in the series, delve deeper into the minds of each individual, explaining how and why they ended up the way they were when readers first saw them in Watchmen.

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More international acts performing here – a bane or boon for concert promoters?

Music aficionados living in Singapore have been spoilt for their choice of live acts to see of late, with the rapid increase of big-name foreign acts performing here having escalated steadily, which stands in stark contrast to the plateauing music scene of a decade earlier.

Unsurprisingly, the growth in the number of live shows being played here have been attributed to one factor – the ever swelling ranks of concert promoters in Singapore. The new wave of promoters are younger, highly capable teams, and despite often being completely “green”, they adapt quickly and grow into the jobs.

A prime example would be Upsurge Productions, a concert promotion company fronted by former Republic Polytechnic coursemates Mae Ng and Lizanne Teo, both of whom are barely 20-years-old. The company, which the female duo co-founded in late-2010, organised its first ever show on July 6 last year, when American rock band Mayday Parade made its debut in Singapore.

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Anime Festival Asia back for its fourth year

Colorful and elaborate costumes: check. Hordes of fans singing and dancing in unison to a larger-than-life-sized hologram: check. Up-close sessions with some of the top character designers from Japan: check.  And not forgetting the exhibits and booths full of merchandise and toys, all catered to whet every anime fan-boy’s (or girl’s) appetite: check.

Where else could one experience so much Japanese pop culture in one place, if not at Anime Festival Asia?

Anime Festival Asia, or AFA, is the biggest anime convention in Southeast Asia, held annually at Suntec City Convention Centre since its debut in 2008. Hosted by Danny Choo, arguably one of the most popular bloggers of Japanese pop culture in the world, the event returned once again to Suntec City this year, bringing what all anime fans eagerly anticipate: anime, anime and more anime (and perhaps a maid café or two).

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1Q84 – a world with two moons

On the night of October 24 this year, queues snaked out of bookstores all over London as avid readers counted down to the release of one of the most anticipated book translations ever. Critics were surprised as the hype surrounding this English translation was comparable to a Harry Potter novel. The complete translation of renowned contemporary novelist Haruki Murakami’s 1Q84 had finally arrived.

A Murakami reader might initially think that the novel would be similar to a love story of sorts, comparable to his earlier work, Norwegian Wood. But the attraction between the two protagonists, Aomame and Tengo, is questionable, especially since they have not seen each other for the past 20 years, nor have they exchanged any words even when they were back in school. But this attraction is exactly what the two are holding on to in order to get the story going.

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International clothing line endorses local bands to get them up on bigger stages

International clothing line Peter Says Denim (PSD), having made inroads into Indonesia, Asia, North America and Canada has extended its reach to Singapore. The influential Indonesian-founded label, is looking to combine both music and fashion – through band endorsements here.

Peter Firmansyah, 26, from Bandung, Indonesia started the label in 2008 out of an urge to bring his love for designing clothes and music together. His band – Petersaysorry, was well known in the underground Indonesian punk scene and paved his way to gaining considerable exposure amongst local musicians.

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