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Comic Book Movies are the Rave in 2012


This year is the time for comic books to transit to the big screen, bringing out the best of old school super heroes in full-fledged cinematic goodness.

The list of movies to look forward to is a promising one for all comic book enthusiasts. Some of the films slated to release in the first half of 2012 include Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance on Feb 17, The Hunger Games on Mar 23, The Avengers (Marvel) on May 4, Men In Black III on May 25, and G.I. Joe II: Retaliation on June 29.

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Do You “1 – 2” Katong?

I12 Katong, a new large-scale heartland mall located in the East, opened its doors to the public on Nov 19, 2011. It has since become the most talked about mall within the Eastern region of Singapore.

The name – I12 Katong, is a deliberate placement of the letter I and number one together to create the idea that people are saying ‘I want to (go to) Katong’ each time they mention the mall – was a wise marketing technique by the developer, Pua Seck Guan’s Perennial Real Estate and their team.

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How do I decide my next educational step?

Some of the most recurring questions in my mind whenever I think about my graduation come May is – what do I do next? Should I continue studying? Can I stop studying?

Not once could I come up with a definitive answer to myself and say: “Yeap, it’s Uni (University) for sure. Nothing else.” I wish I could, but I would always face that cyclical dilemma about ‘what really matters’ echoing in my mind.

Why is it so difficult for a tertiary student to make that decision on what our next educational step should be? Then I realized I was not 12 anymore; Neither was I 16. I have long past the stage where my different levels of study could only go one-way – from primary to secondary, and from secondary to tertiary. I was grown-up. And fortunately, or unfortunately, at my ripe young age of 19, as I would like to still think of myself as a mere newborn nestling in the blithe nature of adolescence, I could not. Read the rest of this entry

International clothing line endorses local bands to get them up on bigger stages

International clothing line Peter Says Denim (PSD), having made inroads into Indonesia, Asia, North America and Canada has extended its reach to Singapore. The influential Indonesian-founded label, is looking to combine both music and fashion – through band endorsements here.

Peter Firmansyah, 26, from Bandung, Indonesia started the label in 2008 out of an urge to bring his love for designing clothes and music together. His band – Petersaysorry, was well known in the underground Indonesian punk scene and paved his way to gaining considerable exposure amongst local musicians.

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