About us

Communiqué is a youth-centric online news website from Temasek Polytechnic that aims to be a credible source of information for anything and everything concerning youth in Singapore and around the world.

The website is run by final-year students from the diploma in Communications and Media Management in Temasek Polytechnic as part of the curriculum for Internet Journalism.

The Team

Shaun Tan | News Editor

A.K.A. – Po

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Often seen attempting to nap in the most precarious positions known to mankind, Communiqué’s valiant News Editor, Shaun, can usually be found tutt-ing and mumbling his way through drafts of articles while sneakily eye-ing the office couch. He does NOT enjoy long walks on the beach, though there have been recorded instances of him being tricked into a slow lumber by the (sadly empty) promise of beer. In the moments he’s not slaving away for Communiqué, Shaun enjoys doing his best impersonations of a beached whale.

Amelia Chen | Entertainment Editor

A.K.A. – Ger Ger ’92

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Amelia’s dream is to spend two years of her  savings on purchasing the “perfect lambskin leather bag” to tote at her favourite music festival or a cocktail soirée  – totally irrational but unusually apt. Yep, she’s a fashion and music junkie, but when she isn’t lost in a reverie of metallic minaudières, sharp tailoring and painterly printed fabrics with the electronic sounds of Digitalism pumping, she’s dutifully churning out articles on anything to do with entertainment. If you want to know more about movies, music and anything to do with entertainment news, Amelia’s your girl.

Syafiqah Abdul Hamid | Lifestyle Editor

A.K.A. – Shofokoh

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Syafiqah heads the Lifestyle section of Communiqué. Due to her love for everything ‘behind-the-scenes’, she brings her camera out once in a while to photograph stuff that she likes, but claims that what thrills her most is fighting her way through media scrums. She is an avid and ridiculously meticulous re-blogger whose definition of a perfect night is in bed watching her favourite J-dramas. Her ultimate dream is to walk down Shibuya crossing on a rainy night, on her way to chill at Starbucks with a bag of Ladurée macarons.

S Shiva | Tech Editor

A.K.A. – HoJ117

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The resident gaming g33k of the team, Shiva is the ruler of Communiqué’s Tech section. After spending the good part of a decade looking at television screens from behind game controllers, Shiva has seen and played it all. He also plays the guitar (quite badly in real life, pretty damn fine in Guitar Hero), and is dangerous to leave unattended in a locked room with a shiny new tech-toy. Aside from writing for Communiqué, Shiva is a freelance game reviewer for Singapore’s TODAY newspaper.

Damien Teo | Profiles Editor

A.K.A. – Ninja Pokemon Master


Usually described as the incoherent, annoying monkey (or ninja pokemon master as he would prefer) who has the need to amuse himself constantly, Damien is famous for many seemingly “stupid” acts he does that could get himself or friends around him hurt. However under closer observation, one realizes that much like his personality, these acts may appear stupid on the surface but are actually highly calculated risks which he takes only if he knows the rewards are greater than the repercussions. Do not fear, nobody has gotten seriously injured… yet

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Email: CommuniqueSG@gmail.com




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