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Pixiekrane, an online digest of fashion, arts and culture, has been steadily growing and gaining popularity since its inception in April last year. It has been featured in local newspaper Straits Times, popular magazines such as Seventeen, famous websites like We Found Nothing, and local online TV channel SinemaTV.

Created to celebrate creative minds with a special focus on the local arts scene, the website is the brainchild of two eccentric but funky and stylish ladies, Alexa Michelle Lee, 23, a marketing executive and Sarah Chan, 21, undergraduate at the National University of Singapore (NUS).

The two exudes immense passion to share creative ideas and learn about them, thus when they first met online about 4 – 5 years ago, they started collaborating on photography projects together. The interaction between the two like-minded ladies then naturally manifested into Pixiekrane, a platform for them to let out all that passion.

“I feel that everyone needs an outlet to share their creativity, inspirations or even current addiction. The website allowed us to meet a lot of inspiring people and it would be good for networking, it also acts as a portfolio for both of us” Alexa describes.

Pixiekrane founder Alexa Michelle Lee Photo: Pixiekrane 

Sarah also added that: “I love meeting people in the creative industry and thinking of ways we can collaborate. Sometimes I get crazy, mad-hatter ideas in my head that I dream of putting into action, and I think Pixiekrane is an excellent platform for me to put forth these ideas. I may not have the time or resources, or technical skills to implement certain things, but I don’t want to waste ideas.”

Pixiekrane founder Sarah Chan Photo: Pixiekrane

She further notes that: “I think when you’re young and still finding out what your strengths are or experimenting, it’s important to be in an environment where people are open and easygoing about sharing – you never know what you might be able to get done with the help of others.”

Almost everything regarding the website holds similarities to the personalities of its two creators – eccentric yet friendly and sophisticated. Even its name appears to be a combination of their personalities.

Alexa and Sarah proving that they have ninja powers Photo: Pixiekrane

“Hahaha omg I wanted a catchy name with 3 syllabuses and since I got Sarah as my partner, the first thing I noticed about her when we met was her crane tattoo on her wrist. That’s where the ‘krane’ came about, added a ‘k’ to it for spunk instead of the usual ‘C’. This might sound uncool or old-school-ish but ‘Pixie’ is a part of my msn email. Don’t laughhhh!” Alexa explained the symbology of the name of the website.

Pixiekrane has come a long way since it was founded, with an official article count of 93 as of today and special “PXK” categories being developed.

Photo from the latest post under the special ‘PXK People’ category Photo: Pixiekrane

“PXK People is a column where we feature local folks in the arts/media industry in Singapore. We want to bring certain initiatives or projects by individuals to the attention of fellow Singaporeans. ‘PXK is in your workspace’ takes the basic Q&A interview one step further, into the physical environment that a project or creative work is being created. It documents part of the process of creation, and perhaps is therefore able to encourage people to embark on their own projects – it really isn’t that daunting” Sarah explains.

Photo of Alexa at Arteastiq, a tea and art lounge, from the latest post under the ‘PXK is in your workspace’ category Photo: Pixiekrane

Despite it being a “constant challenge to come up with and produce original content, or to source for and share news that are in line with the site’s direction”, Sarah still affirms that “although Alexa and I are not full-time bloggers, we’ll definitely keep going for as long as we can.”

The future also looks bright for Pixiekrane, with several changes planned to make the site more cohesive in its direction. Sarah explains: “like any other new venture, we do need time to find our footing and establish what uniquely offers, and I’m really excited for upcoming changes. We hope to launch this next month (March), so do look out for that!”

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