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Grassroots Organizations organize more than 400 CNY celebrations across Singapore

As the community ushers in the new dragon year, Grassroots Organizations (GROs) and have organised more than 400 community Chinese New Year events, themed around “Filial Piety”, “Caring, Sharing and Giving” and “Integration of New Citizens and Public and Private Estate Residents”.

These events would reach out to more than 100,000 residents from various ages, races and estates, bringing them together to interact, celebrate and make new friends. The celebrations take several forms, ranging from record breaking stints to lighting up the lives of the less fortunate through gestures big and small.

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One man, one blog, one crazy love for film, and 422 film reviews

He has always had a crazy love for film and cinema, regularly watching movies since childhood. In 2005, he decided to take this insatiable love to a new level and created his own movie review blog with a focus on Singaporean cinema,, and started writing an unbelievable number of reviews every year.

Stefan Shih, 35, works in the IT industry by day and is a film critic by night. In 2008 alone, he wrote 260 movie reviews on theatrical releases, 121 on festival films, and 41 DVD reviews, which adds to a total of 422 film reviews in one year – more than one article everyday! What is even more frightening is that the numbers have remained constant through the years. In 2011, there were 357 articles written.

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The rise of underground retailers

It is not cheap having a hobby of any sort, regardless of how cheap it may seem at first. For example, collecting stamps may seem like a painless activity for your wallet, but serious collectors spend hundreds of dollars on proper stamp books and preservation kits to make sure their collection lasts as long as possible.

As far as hobbies go, being a gamer is probably not one of the cheapest around. With the average video game carrying a price tag of between S$59 to S$120, gaming can really take a toll on one’s finances.

For this reason, large companies that sell video games, like Best Denki, Challenger, and Comics Connection, just to name a few, have been seeing a massive dip in sales.

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Creative outlet for their passion for creativity

Pixiekrane, an online digest of fashion, arts and culture, has been steadily growing and gaining popularity since its inception in April last year. It has been featured in local newspaper Straits Times, popular magazines such as Seventeen, famous websites like We Found Nothing, and local online TV channel SinemaTV.

Created to celebrate creative minds with a special focus on the local arts scene, the website is the brainchild of two eccentric but funky and stylish ladies, Alexa Michelle Lee, 23, a marketing executive and Sarah Chan, 21, undergraduate at the National University of Singapore (NUS).

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Trouble brewing in cyber gaming cafés?

LAN (local area network) shops are a common sight in Singapore, and a frequent hangout for many of the nation’s youths. These stores, usually small, dimly lit and noisy, can be found anywhere from a void deck in the heartlands to even the tourist dominated streets of Orchard Road.

While LAN shops have undoubtedly seen numerous arguments break out within them, and in extreme cases a pushing incident or two, there has been nothing threatening enough to the safety of its patrons to catch the eye of the media.

However, in Sep 2011, safety at LAN shops was in fact the hot topic on everyone’s tongues after the body of a 13-year-old was found at a back alley in Geylang. The teen, a Chinese national who studied at St. Patrick’s School, had been allegedly beaten to death by two older boys after a dispute broke out between both parties at the nearby 24-hour LAN shop.

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Comic Book Movies are the Rave in 2012


This year is the time for comic books to transit to the big screen, bringing out the best of old school super heroes in full-fledged cinematic goodness.

The list of movies to look forward to is a promising one for all comic book enthusiasts. Some of the films slated to release in the first half of 2012 include Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance on Feb 17, The Hunger Games on Mar 23, The Avengers (Marvel) on May 4, Men In Black III on May 25, and G.I. Joe II: Retaliation on June 29.

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The true value of working in a low-paying service job

Would you work as a cook at a fast food restraurant if I told you it would be a valuable experience? How about a waiter? Or even a dishwasher?

A year ago I made a seemingly crazy decision to work as a cook at a local fast food restaurant, Best Fries Forever, and discovered that there was a lot more to gain from working in a low paying job than I expected.

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The beginnings of the legend

“If something works, don’t fix it” goes the age-old saying. The legendary Watchmen series of comic books, written by the revered Alan Moore in 1986, is considered by many to be a masterpiece.

A skillfully written, genuinely intriguing plot, deep and relatable characters, and an art style that blended traditional comic panels with hidden motifs were more than enough to blows the minds of readers everywhere.

Earlier today, some 26 years after the Watchmen books made waves in the comic world, DC comics has announced that they will be releasing a set of comics that will serve as prequels to the main series. These seven comics, each focusing on one of the main characters in the series, delve deeper into the minds of each individual, explaining how and why they ended up the way they were when readers first saw them in Watchmen.

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Samaritans of Singapore

The term “samaritan” is most commonly used to describe a charitable or helpful person and was coined after a famous parable mentioned in the bible of a man who shows unexpected help and kindness to a traveller robbed and left half alive on the road.

Thus it seems rightfully fitting for a special group of volunteers in Singapore to be referred to as the Samaritans of Singapore. In an age where the government has to constantly remind citizens with campaigns to be kind to each other, this is a truly remarkable group of volunteers whom willingly give their time to a non-profit organization which aims to provide emotional support to anyone in emotional distress or at risk of suicide in Singapore.

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Year of the Shark?

When I first heard the news that two major supermarket chains in Singapore – Carrefour and NTUC FairPrice – had announced in January 2012 that they were discontinuing the sale of sharks’ fins here, I was surprised, to say the least.

I greeted the news with more skepticism than cheer, poking and prodding at the announcement as a cynic would. Yet, the movement seemed to be growing here, especially after Shangri-La announced a couple of weeks later that it had banned shark’s fins from all of its 72 hotels, most of which are located in Asia.

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