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More space or more culture

As Singapore continues to advance and develop as one of the world’s leading countries, change is crucial, important and ultimately inevitable for her. This tiny nation has developed from the unwanted, abandoned country it was just 46 years ago, to a fully independent and successful world leader now, thanks to the rate of change and modernization the country went through.

However this rapid rate of change has finally caught up, with this past year seeing citizens becoming increasingly upset over several redevelopment plans by the Land Transport Authority (LTA), Singapore Land Authority (SLA) and Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA). Singapore has finally come to a point where the government and citizens are starting to realize, is Singapore losing its culture and heritage in the name of development and modernization?

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Do You “1 – 2” Katong?

I12 Katong, a new large-scale heartland mall located in the East, opened its doors to the public on Nov 19, 2011. It has since become the most talked about mall within the Eastern region of Singapore.

The name – I12 Katong, is a deliberate placement of the letter I and number one together to create the idea that people are saying ‘I want to (go to) Katong’ each time they mention the mall – was a wise marketing technique by the developer, Pua Seck Guan’s Perennial Real Estate and their team.

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