Elephant invasion

They are currently the world’s largest land animals, come in many different colors and patterns, and you can buy them from any TANGS Department Store. Elephant Parade has invaded Singapore!

If you have walked around town lately, you are sure not to have missed the life-size elephant structures adorning the shopping centers and streets of Orchard Road, City Hall, Marina Bay, or even Vivocity.  These 75cm elephants have been in Singapore since 11 Nov this year, and will be here as part of Elephant Parade Singapore until 12 Jan 2012.

The parade first started in the city of Rotterdam, the Netherlands, in 2007, with 50 elephants. Since then, the world’s largest open air art exhibition of decorated elephant statues has been going on continuously around the world, in a tremendous effort to not only raise awareness, but also raise funds for conservation of the Asian elephants. Currently, the number of elephant statues in Singapore is 162, and are painted by local and international artists. At the end of the exhibition, all the elephants will be auctioned off, and every part of the proceeds will be donated to the Asian Elephant Foundation.

Communiqué was challenged to visit and photograph as many of these elephant statues as we could, within three hours, on foot. The total score? 44 rather wet (due to the rain) but happy elephants.

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