International clothing line endorses local bands to get them up on bigger stages

International clothing line Peter Says Denim (PSD), having made inroads into Indonesia, Asia, North America and Canada has extended its reach to Singapore. The influential Indonesian-founded label, is looking to combine both music and fashion – through band endorsements here.

Peter Firmansyah, 26, from Bandung, Indonesia started the label in 2008 out of an urge to bring his love for designing clothes and music together. His band – Petersaysorry, was well known in the underground Indonesian punk scene and paved his way to gaining considerable exposure amongst local musicians.

He created a recognizable identity by wearing and designing his very own jeans, t-shirts, hoodies, and other street wear apparel, which gradually grew to become an iconic style of punk culture and a homegrown success.

Today, Peter Says Denim is an established international clothing line with over 40 band endorsees, including notable names such as Woe, Is Me, August Burns Red, Asking Alexandria, Go Radio and Silverstein.

The brand is now targeting Southeast Asian countries, in an aim to endorse more bands from the ‘local market’, which he also mentions as his “home ground”.

Despite having set up its Singaporean arm only in March this year, the PSD Singapore management team run by couple Faizal Zain and Wirda Ningsih – has brought the label tremendous exposure to the local underground music scene.

Having held the inaugural Singaporean leg of the annual PSDInvasion Tour in Singapore on Saturday, 29 Oct at the Scape Lab for the first time, the label attracted the support of 500 youths, while promoting the launch of their fall/winter apparel collection.


Petersaydenim’s merchandise booth set up outside the Scape Lab
Photos: Syafiqah Hamid

Band endorsees from Malaysia and Indonesia were brought in to play alongside band endorsees from Singapore, – A Vacant Affair and Avalanche – enabling them to get to know each other, play on the same stage, and have their music heard internationally.

Khairul Azim, 17, vocalist of Malaysian band I, Revival commented: “being in a band endorsed by PSD, we’re not just wearing apparel from the clothing line and promoting it, the label promotes us and our music through these tours that they bring us on as well. It’s a two-way investment.”

Matthew Lim, vocalist from A Vacant Affair said: “I believe we will get that opportunity to play overseas very soon. Playing with foreign bands shows that (PSD) has the capability to bring us over to at least one country in Southeast Asia to perform.”

“It’s a work in progress, but I’ve been hearing some news, and it’s very possible for the Singaporean PSD band endorsees to play international shows under the label very soon,” he added.

Fellow PSD endorsees, Avalanche, highlighted the surge in recognition the band received through the sponsorship. Mr Charlie Liu, 20, Avalanche’s drummer, stated “We are a relatively new band, but we’ve played shows in large- scale musical festivals in Singapore like Baybeats. Now we can draw crowds of a few hundreds to our shows. It’s incredible, and to be endorsed by an internationally recognized label allows us to be comparable to the musicianship standards of other band endorsees overseas.”

To be endorsed by PSD, a band must have at least a debut release in the form of a professionally recorded EP or single. Just two bands in Singapore have been endorsed by PSD so far, and the label is looking to add more bands to that list.

Other accompanying bands that performed for the PSDInvasion Tour in Singapore include Villes and Achilous, bands handpicked by the PSD Singapore management team as possible endorsees of the label.

Post-hardcore band – Villes in PSD’s fall/winter apparel collection
Photo: Shaun Tan


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